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TitleCoauthor(s)Publication details
26. Omega results for cubic field counts via lower-order terms in the one-level densityPeter Cho, Yoonbok Lee, Anders SödergrenSubmitted.
25. Unconditional Chebyshev biases in number fields.Florent JouveSubmitted.
24. Moments of moments of primes in arithmetic progressions.Régis de la BretècheSubmitted.
23. On a conjecture of Montgomery and Soundararajan.Régis de la BretècheAccepted, Mathematische Annalen.
22. A disproof of Hooley’s conjecture.Greg MartinSubmitted.
21. The first moment of primes in arithmetic progressions: Beyond the Siegel-Walfisz range.Sary DrappeauAccepted, Transactions of the London Mathematical Society.
20. Distribution of Frobenius elements in families of Galois extensions.Florent JouveSubmitted.
19. Low-lying zeros in families of holomorphic cusp forms: the weight aspect.Lucile Devin, Anders SödergrenSubmitted.
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